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Is LMCA a co-op?

LMCA is not a homeschool co-op. The program is different from a co-op in that homework is a requirement for participating in classes. In addition parents are not required to participate in the classroom aspect of the program either, although some parents do serve in various roles. 

Is LMCA a school?

LMCA is not a school. LMCA is a state and federally-registered non-profit organization, with a tutoring service designation. 

What does a typical day at LMCA look like?

Students arrive around 9:00 a.m. and head to their first period class. Classes meet for 55 minutes each, with a break for lunch and recess between third and fourth period. Students attend five classes per day and are dismissed at 2:30 pm. 

What kind of commitment does this require for my student?

Classes meet twice a week and require your student to complete additional work at home. Time spent at home varies from one to three hours per subject, per week, depending on the age of the student. Home assignments are a requirement. 

What commitment does this require for the parents?

     Parents are still considered the primary educators, and it is required that they oversee all LMCA home assignments on days that LMCA does not meet. Families who enroll in LMCA make a commitment to LMCA for the whole year:  September through May.  


  LMCA asks parents to help out with various tasks throughout to enhance the program.  Some of these extras include party planning, fun holiday events, serving as a substitute instructor, organizing supplies, spearheading fundraising efforts or coordinating fieldtrips.  

What books are used at LMCA? Who pays for these books?

Books vary depending on grade and subject area. Each academic year focuses on different topics in history and science. CONTACT US for more information on upcoming book selections. 


Parents are responsible for purchasing the books used at LMCA. We make every effort to keep costs low by purchasing Co-Op licenses for curriculum and using literature texts available through the library system. 

Can my student take just one or two classes offered?

 Students can be enrolled for morning and/or afternoon classes and high schoolers can enroll in individual classes. However, the benefit of the community aspects of LMCA are a result of attending as full time student.  Please CONTACT US for more information on these options. 

Why does it cost money to attend LMCA?

Although tuition is required to attend classes, LMCA is a registered non-profit organization and a majority of the expenses collected go towards rent for classroom space, insurance for the building and students, and classroom materials.  Most LMCA instructors do not draw a salary, and often cover additional classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Several instructors may be paid for their expertise in certain areas that are in great need.

Is financial aid available?

YES! Tuition discounts are given for instructor families based on the frequency of the class and amount of preparation needed for the class. We also offer large family discounts.  On average, 75% of families attending LMCA receive this kind of assistance. Please CONTACT US for more information on this option

What else do I have to do to homeschool my kids in PA?

LMCA is not a substitute for homeschooling. Parents are still required to file all necessary paperwork for their district and meet the state guidelines for testing and subjects taught. The nature of our two-day per week program requires that some instruction happen at home. If you are new to homeschooling,  there are many experienced homeschoolers available to help. 

Is the curriculum at LMCA all I need to do with my children?

At this time LMCA is unable to offer all academic subject areas, such as mathematics and various high school level electives. It is important that parents familiarize themselves with the various homeschool requirements of their districts.