Laurel Mountain Classical Academy (LMCA) strives to provide an academic learning environment to assist parents in homeschooling their children.  While we recognize parents as the primary educators, we promote structure and standards to allow families to achieve academic success. In addition, LMCA recognizes the importance of supporting families and developing community.  

        High School

     Chemistry Class

  Open to grades 9-12


 * Prerequisite Algebra I


Taught by Mrs. Debbie Steiner, qualified and experienced high school science teacher.


Please visit  the TUITION page for class details.



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   Registration is now            closed for the


     academic year.


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     LMCA is a hybrid homeschool program for students in grades 1-12. It combines the best of both worlds- homeschool and classroom.  Families love the flexibility and time spent with their children but also appreciate the structure and social opportunity of the classroom group setting. 


     Classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from September to May at the Latrobe Alliance Church in Latrobe, Pa.    History, Language Arts and Science are covered in the morning and elective classes are scheduled after lunch. The day ends at 2:35pm.  Please visit the ACADEMICS tab for more information on the 2020-21 schedule of classes. Student may be enrolled for full or partial day. 



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