2022-23 Classes
Grades 1-3:  Language Arts, Around the World Books, Science, Art, Intro. to Archery

Grades 3-5: Language Arts, Ancient Civilizations, Science (TBD), Literature, Geography, Art, Archery   

Grade 6-7: Language Arts, Ancient Civilizations, Science (TBD), Literature, Art, Music, Archery

Grades 8-9: Language Arts, Ancient Civilizations, Science (TBD), Literature, Music, Intro. to Logic, Archery

Grades 10-12: English, 20th Century World History, Biology, Personal Finance, Archery


Tuition discounts are offered for parents who have the interest and ability to teach a class. Please contact us to discuss! 

     LMCA is a hybrid homeschool program where students experience both aspects of homeschooling and the classroom community.  Morning classes are committed to instruction in the Pa homeschool law required subjects of Language Arts or English, History and Science.  Instructors provide weekly assignments to complete at home.  During class time instructors will teach concepts, review assignments and provide activities to enhance the students' learning.  LMCA Instructors do not assign grades, but provide feedback for parents to monitor their student's progress. Parents ultimately decide grades, keep documentation for the homeschool portfolio/evaluation,  and create the student transcript.  


    LMCA does not cover all required subjects every year; at this time math instruction is not provided. LMCA focuses on classes that most homeschoolers would have in common in addition to a variety of electives each year.  Homeschool families are able to participate in LMCA and still have time for their children to pursue personal hobbies or areas of study at home. 


     Each academic year focuses on a different historical time period- Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, Modern History and American History.  Using maps, timelines, primary sources, first hand accounts, biographies and stories are integral to the study of history. In class projects include skits, dioramas, Lego models, essays, presentations, debates and class discussion.  Quality age appropriate historical novels and other literature are assigned to read throughout the year.  Many books are available to borrow from the library. 


     Science class will teach practical skills such as fermentation, classification and dissection, as well as scientific method and models.  Students will grow to love science as concepts are solidified with hands-on lab experiments.  Group activities provide opportunities for collaboration. LMCA follows a rotation of science fields: Earth and Space,  Life Science/ Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science/Physics.


     Although not exclusively taught, some writing instructors are IEW certified and utilize the IEW model in those courses.  Grammar and vocabulary are taught as components of composition. Many forms of writing are covered throughout the year from persuasive essays, descriptive writing, narratives, research papers, etc.  High school writing is incorporated with literature selections. Excellence in Literature has been used most recently for grades 9-12.  


     Afternoon classes consist of elective classes that change from year to year.  A sampling of electives that have been offered in the past include: World Geography, U.S. Geography, Art, Music Appreciation, Drama, Spanish Language, Logic, Civics, Health, Computer Technology. An elective class may meet once or twice a week. 


     Fieldtrips are a fun and important aspect of learning. Every year LMCA provides multiple fieldtrip opportunities.  These visits are included in the LMCA tuition. Some previous favorite outings have included the Loyalhanna Watershed, Carnegie Science Center, Carnegie Museum of Natural History,  Gettysburg National Military Park, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, The Compass Inn, Rivers of Steel Riverboat program, the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra, the Westmoreland County Courthouse tour and many more!


     Families are responsible for obtaining or purchasing the required books and materials for the school year. A booklist will be provided in the summer prior to commencing classes. Please feel free to  CONTACT US with questions about curriculum or book selections.