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Grades 1-3: Language Arts, History, Science, additional classes TBD

Grades 4-6: Language Arts, Science, Medieval History, 
Archery, other classes TBD

Grades 7-8: English, Science, Medieval History, Archery, other classes TBD

Grades 9-10: English, Science, Medieval History, Archery, other classes TBD

Grades 11-12: English, Chemistry, Archery, other classes TBD

        Parent instructors provide weekly assignments to complete at home.  During class time parent instructors will teach concepts, review assignments and provide activities.  LMCA Parent instructors do not assign grades but provide feedback for parents to monitor their student's progress. Parents ultimately decide grades, keep documentation for the homeschool portfolio/evaluation, and create the student transcript.  


    LMCA does not provide all subjects every year; at this time math instruction is not provided. 


     Afternoon classes are usually elective classes that change from year to year.  A sampling of electives that have been offered in the past include World Geography, U.S. Geography, Art, Music Appreciation, Drama, Spanish, Logic, Civics, Health, Computer Technology. Recently archery has been offered as a weekly class for grades 3 and up. 

     Families are responsible for obtaining or purchasing the required books and materials for the school year. A booklist is provided in the summer. 


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